On March 12, 2024 please vote for GARY DANIELS for SELECTMAN

  • Board of Selectmen – 21 years
  • School Board – 6 years
  • School District Moderator – 6 years
  • State Senate District 11 – 6 years (Finance Chair, Capital Budget, Ways and Means)
  • State Representative (Milford) – 18 years (Labor Committee)

As Milford grows, how do we maintain those aspects of the town that led us to make Milford our hometown? How can growth be controlled in a way that preserves individual rights and freedoms? How do we balance the cost of needed services with the ability of taxpayers to support them? In what ways can we bring property tax relief to taxpayers, and how do we initiate them?

These issues need to be addressed by the next Board of Selectmen. Past voter support made it possible for me to serve in various capacities at different levels of government, and to create opportunities to blend town, school, county, and state government into government that works effectively and efficiently for the people, including:

  • Assisting in acquiring grants to dredge Osgood Pond ($300,000).
  • Creating significant cost savings for the town by buying automotive fuel through the WEX program.
  • Procuring funds to build a new District Court and a full-time Motor Vehicle Registry (DMV) in Milford.
  • Maintaining a temporary DMV in Milford during court construction, negating the need to go to Nashua.
  • Opposing the Kinder Morgan gas pipeline and the eminent domain taking of private property.

My work experience as a software developer, quality assurance engineer, insurance agent, and even in the military, has been about analyzing systems, identifying deficiencies, and finding solutions to maintaining system integrity. Equally important, my responsibilities as a military officer included organizing diversified individuals into a cohesive team and creating a culture where we worked together to accomplish a specific mission. My work in insurance entails building respectful and caring relationships with clients to ensure their retirement needs are met. I have utilized these skills over the past 21 years as a voice on your Board of Selectman, and would continue to do so going forward, searching for creative and efficient ways to fulfill the obligations of the town, while being sensitive to the ability of taxpayers to fund these initiatives. To me, the town provides customer service, and that service should be provided with efficiency and respect. As your Selectman, that will be my goal!

It has been my honor to have served as one of your Selectmen. I thank you for your past support and respectfully ask for your vote for re-election on March 12, 2024 so that I might serve as one of your Selectmen again.